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Folding Container House

Based on self-developed products, Dream maker introduces global advanced container house design concepts. Provide the best quality service to customers and designs self-owned brand of container house. Our main products include: shipping container homes,folding container house,detachable container house and flat pack container house, etc.There are many sandwich panel container types .

Folding Container House 

Folding Container House is the typical modular new mobile homes which can be installed with only 3 steps.

It is environmental prosection and widely used in many areas.

Folding Container HousePrefabricated Worksite Buildings Folding Container House

The folding casa container has the standard modular design and manufacture, and it's environment protective.

It's broad-spectrum, widely use in house, dormitory, shop and so on. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, use a crane to lift the roof corners then screw down. 

2 people can build one set in 10 minutes. The easily assembly is the reason why it become popular. It is cost saving and transportation convenient.

The material we used is fireproof and heat insulation.

It has the long service life and the life span can reach 10-15 years. 

The folding casa container is extra-hard, can stand 8 grade earthquake and 11 grade wind.


House/office/hotel/dormitory/coffee shop/selling kiosks/labor camp/refugee camp/restaurant, etc.

Prefabricated worksite buildings sites save labor and land lease costs.The most prejudiced is the Prefabricated Offices.

 Prefabricated Worksite Buildings Prefabricated Worksite Buildings


1.Environment construction garbage caused

2.Repeated use and low cost 

3.Flexible size and easy to assemble and disassemble 

4.Long life span 

5.Safe and durable,can stand 8 grade earthquake 

6.Transportation convenient 

7.Doors,windows and interior partitions can be fixed flexibly 

8. Waterproof Fireproof&Heat insulation 

9.Flexible layout to satisfy different requirements 

10.Manufacture with high quality control 

11.Anti vibration,good impact resistance 

12.Nice appearance,easy to maintenance 

13.Installation instruction and video for you,technicians will help you if it’s necessary

New Sandwich panel casa containers mobile homes types . prefabricated worksite offices buildings with cheap folding container house. 

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