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Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Based on self-developed products, Dream maker introduces global advanced container house design concepts. Provide the best quality service to customers and designs self-owned brand of container house. We have cheap shipping container homesexpandable container house, container built homes, shipping container buildings for sale.

Expandable Container House 

Expandable container house is convenient to assemble, can be moved frequently, more importantly, large space for mobile living. The production period is approx 20 days, we self develop and all fitting have been assembled in the factory, the house will be folded to save space during transportation, when shipped to destinations, it can be quickly and easily installed.

Expandable Container House





1.Fast assembling-averagely 5 workers can achieve 1 container opened within 10mins. The container also can be assembled in factory and then transferred to the site 

2.Safe and durable-over 15-20 years life span, seismic resistance to 8 degree wind resistance to 11 degree  

3.We will first finish prefabricated in the factor, after shipping to the destination then can be used 

4.Save shipping cost-folded up the overall transport,save space.

Typical Applications:

Expandable container house can be used as the office, accommodation, canteen, shop, school, dormitry, recreation centre, infirmary room, store, equipment room, workshop, tiny sales shopbooth,kiosk,etc.

Expandable container house is widely used in Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, African and other areas.


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