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Shipping Container House

Shipping container is a container that has certain streng h, stiffness and specifications for tl ne use of large-scale loading Using the container to transport cargo, it could be s hipping directly in the consignor wareh ouse and unloading in the consignees wa rehouse. It doesn't have to remove the good from containe while transfer half way.

UseHouse/villa/offi ice/hotel/dormitory/shop/toilet/warehouse/se ling kiosks/labor camp/ reugee camp/restaurant, etc.


(1)Specification External dimensions

20GP: 20ft*8ft*8ft 6 inch

40GP: 40ft*8ft*8ft 6inch

40HQ: 40ft*8ft*9ft 6inch

20ft: Inner volume: 5. 69*2 13*2.18m Volume: 24-26m³

40ft: Inner volume: 11. 8*2 13*2.18m Volume: 54

40HQ: Inner volume: 11.8 2.13*2.72m Volume: 68 

(2)Wind resistar nce: Grade 11

(3)Earthquake r esistance: Grade 

(4)Temperature resistance: 25 C to 50C

(5)Life span: 30 years 

Product Detail

-Shipping Container Homes is a new generation of prefab house.

-Easy To Install

-Sea Container house can be connected by bolts, with easy installation and fast transportation.

- Applications:   

- Refugee Camp, Labor Camp, Dormitory, Office, Toilet, Guard House, Shop, Hotel

Shipping Container Homes is a new generation of prefab house, with good price.



- Advantages :

-  1. Prefabricated:all material has been prefabricated in factory.

- 2. Modular:You can assentable several units container houses by horizontally and vertically.

- 3. Excellent Physical Property:The main structure has excellent performance in fire-proof,sound-insulation,heat preservation ,earthquake resistance. 

- 4. Delivery: One 40HQ shipping container can load 12 sets container houses disassembly.

- 5. Modern Appearance, Optional Colors For The Walls/Pane And Roof . 

- 6. Cost Saving And Convenient Transportation, Safe Strong And Stable, Environment-Friendly.  

Shipping Container House   Shipping Container House

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