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Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Based on self-developed products, Dream maker introduces global advanced container house design concepts. Provide the best quality service to customers and designs self-owned brand of container house. Cost to build a prefab container homes. 40 ft 3 bedroom expandable container house is convenient to assemble.Our main products include: shipping container homes,folding container house,detachable container house  and flat pack container house, etc.There are many style container house for sale.

Expandable Container House

Expandable container house can be moved frequently, more importantly, large space for mobile living. It is oneAfter expanded, the size is about37 of our pepular modular house, square meters, which is about2.5 which ismade of welded light steel times of the closed one. With frame and insulated sandwichwindows and door designed and panels. We offer different solutions: equiped righty, it is widely usod tor for clients. It can be empty inside, holiday house, mobile clinic, site or with one bathroom or with otfice and camp accommodation.partition walls for bedrooms. For one 40 ft container home. it can load 2 units ofour expandable container house.Cheap cost to build a container home

100% Water Proof 

√Wind Resistant
√Earth Resistant
Rust And Corrosion Resistant
√Popular In Europe
√Easy Step
√Durable And Comfortable

Expandable Container House

prefab container homes

Opened size :L5850/mm"W8300mm/H12600mm 

Caoteod siza:L5850mm "W2250mm*H2500mm 

1)Lensding 40HQ lbad 2 units

2)iinstaliatbon- 5 people finish

①Steel Frame
②Fire Proek & Water Proof wal panel
③Feer Ceooert Board
④Sieel Doo/Glass Door & Alumienum Sliding Wirndows


expandable container house  expandable container house

 prefab container homes


1.Fast assembling-averagely 5 workers can achieve 1 container opened within 10mins. The container also can be assembled in factory and then transferred to the site 

2.Safe and durable-over 15-20 years life span, seismic resistance to 8 degree wind resistance to 11 degree  

3.We will first finish prefabricated in the factor, after shipping to the destination then can be used 

4.Save shipping cost-folded up the overall transport,save space.

Typical Applications:

Expandable container house can be used as the office, accommodation, canteen, shop, school, dormitry, recreation centre, infirmary room, store, equipment room, workshop,

tiny sales shopbooth,kiosk,etc.It can be transformed into 3 bedroom container home.

Expandable container house is widely used in Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, African and other areas.

40 ft container home  40 ft container home

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