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The Benefits of Container Homes

Affordability –  container homes are way cheaper than your standard house, making homeownership a possibility to more people.

Durability – Cargo containers have been built to withstand the elements of sea travel, such as strong winds, harsh rain, etc. This means that container homes are not going to leak, they’ll stand up to extreme weather conditions and, some even claim, are earthquake-proof and hurricane proof.  

Sustainability – You won’t be using up new resources when you purchase a container home, you’ll be purchasing a homemade from recycled material.

Room to Grow – You can stack sandwich panel container house on top of each other to create a larger living space.
SpeedyContainer house can be put together very quickly, making them a great shelter solution in emergency situations (for example, when towns have been wiped out by floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes).
Easy Relocation – If you decide to pack up and move across the country, you can bring your home with you. After all, a shipping container home was originally designed to well ship!

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