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Cheap Shipping Container Homes Cost For Rent

Shipping Container Homes are a new product in the construction industry. The prices are very different. How much is the price of shipping container Container Homes?

Container houses are mainly divided into two categories according to their use. Among them, the container living room of the construction site can account for 80% of the market demand. In addition, it is a container-type building, with container houses, container hotels, and container apartments,container offices,container bar,ect.

Shipping container homes cost varies greatly depending on the container material selected, the degree of craftsmanship and decoration. The cheapest container house can be bought for $714, and the high-end needs $4286.

The price of the whole metal shipping container activity room is $714.

There is also a more common container house on the site that is all-iron welded, and the shape is similar to the shipping container in shipping. There is a door and two windows. It is a welded frame made of channel square tube, corrugated board as wall, roof welded.

Good quality metal Shipping container homes will be much better from corrugated board, square steel, channel steel, welding process and painting process. The products made can also reach the quality of shipping containers.

$0.86/day container homes for rent

This type of cheap container homes for sale is for the workers to live on the construction site. It adopts channel steel and square steel as the skeleton. The wall adopts double-sided sandwich panels. The load-bearing capacity of the house is mainly from the surrounding columns and the middle of the 6-meter direction. Square steel welded column. The difference in price is related to the materials used. The thickness of the double-sided iron sheet of the wall, the bulk density of the material of the middle fireproof layer, the thickness and width of the channel steel and the square steel are all different.

Cheap Shipping Container Homes Cost For Rent

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