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How Many Years Can A Simple Small Containers Sonverted Into Homes Be Used?

A container homes is a house that has been modified with a shipping container or a house that is designed to look like a container. With the opening of the network, it is easy to find pictures of such houses, some of which are used for workers on construction sites, and 

some of which are high-end container houses carefully designed by professional architects. A novel feeling. How Many Years Can A Simple Small Containers Sonverted Into Homes Be Used?

The service life of any product is related to its material, as is the small container homes. There is no problem in using a good-quality house for 30 years, and it may not work if the quality is not good for 2 years.

containers converted into homes

¥6 a day Containers Sonverted Into Homes, cheap. But the work is simple, the material is not good.
To give a few examples: The living room container room of the construction site The simple container homes activity room used on the construction site is used by the working people. There is not much demand for the decoration and comfort of the house. Just needto wind and rain, sleep at night. Therefore, the life of such a container house is the shortest. Within five years, it is already very worn out.

containers converted into homes

Example: A container office uses the best material on the market. The thickness of the metal outside the container house is 2mm thick corrugated board, which is thicker than the corrugated board used in shipping containers. (The iron of the shipping container is 1.8mm). What is real is a steel house. After the house is finished, the weight reaches 10 tons. The service life of the container house is also related to the maintenance of peacetime. If the paint of the simple container homes is found to fall off, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent rust and further corrode the material. This will extend the life of the use.

containers converted into homes

containers converted into homes

If you want to be a permanent container building, you have to choose the materials on the materials and find the container manufacturers to customize. Or purchase the shipping container, carry out modification and decoration.

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