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Enjoy A Great Time With Your Pets-Container Dog Bar

Pet owners and pet lovers know just how hard it can be to find a relaxing, chilled out environment that allows canines. The container dog bar Florida, USA offers the venue for dogs lovers to enjoy quality time with their pets in the safe confines of a fenced-off area. The design concept for the dog-bar focusses on an environmentally conscious approach to create the ambiance of an outdoor market. Using repurposed shipping containers for the main structure was the first step towards an eco-friendly design, but this approach was also considered in interior details for the dog-bar. The outdoor space is envisioned as a social, playful zone where owners can freely interact with their pets or enjoy a relaxed conversation with like-minded pet lovers. The energy created by several off-leash dogs is balanced with live music and plenty of chilled beer on offer. Peppered with lounge seating, benches, and a gas fire-pit, the exterior of the dog bar is akin to the popular weekend markets that attract a host of different people; only this time their pets are welcome to enjoy the festivities as well.

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