Dome Series Room- StarDome Sunroom

Material Transparent Polycarbonate Plate Thickness
Model HT-TC-3.5/HT-TC-4.5
Weight 60KGS/470KGS/set
Specifications 3.5m*3.5m*2.6m/4.5m*4.5m*2.75m
Area 9.62m2/15.9m2
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Star Room, because its appearance resembles a transparent bubble, a crystal ball, and a starry sky warehouse from a space station, so it is also known as a bubble house and a transparent house. Its appearance is like a huge sphere, which is easy to attract people's attention. In a safe and comfortable transparent room, you can experience the sense of wild luxury camping integrated with nature, and let your eyes appreciate the vast starry sky and a 360-degree panoramic view.

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Every product and every detail launched by Miguo Star Bubble House has been verified by countless markets. Combined with the sense of space and comfort, you can enjoy the outdoor experience without losing a small warmth; Star Bubble House is between any specifications. The products can be freely spliced, with a variety of combinations, there is always a tailor-made one for you.

Product Description

inflatable sunroom tent



luxury prefab sunroom
sunroom ‎cafee


prefabricated sunroom
 sunroom dome

Product Parameters



Wood Case(L*W*H)



Indoor Area

Aluminum Profile 6063-T5(Dark Grey)

Frame Material

Transparent Polycarbonate Plate Thickness

Wall Material

5mm thick transparent polycarbonate sheet

Door Opening Way

Door opening methodSliding rotation sliding 100km/h(0.5KN/m2)

Floor Plate Size

Diameter Ø3500mm, width: 100mm, thickness 5mm wall thickness

Product Advantages

1.Excellent Security Performances


3.Arthquake And Water

4.Fire And Hailstone

5.Sandstorm And Animals

6.Lightweight And Environmentally Friendl


Internet celebrity homestays/hotels/camping camps/restaurants/bars/agritourism parks/viewing gardens/emergency structures/medical ambulance stations/temporary housing, etc.

Live Case Display

bubble room

bubble room hotel

bubble room glamping

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