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Apple Container Series

The shape of the Apple Cabin is a rectangular shape, which was transformed from a container and gradually developed into a popular mobile Apple Cabin Home on the market. It is very suitable for commercial, tourist accommodation and other places. The exquisite steel Apple cabin panel can be made of PC board, glass, transparent fiberglass, etc. The non perspective parts are decorated with metal plates, which are simple and elegant, and easy to disassemble.

The framework of the Apple cabin is made of prefabricated and refined steel, making it easy to install and disassemble. All components are basically connected with screws, greatly saving labor installation costs and time. The interior skeleton of the exquisite steel Apple cabin can be left untreated. The outer surface of the skeleton is fluorocarbon treated, which can basically replace aluminum profiles. It is also corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, making it very suitable for frequent disassembly and assembly of components.

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Space Capsule Series

The new space capsule home stay integrated house is recognized by the market for its exquisite and authentic space capsule shape, and is suitable for outdoor mobile villas, home stays, hotels, offices, peak, dense forests, mudflat and other different applications. This is a mobile house that integrates technology and modern humanistic living concepts, creating a sense of habitation, interactivity, and experience. It has a beautiful and technologically advanced design, and a sturdy structure that is wind and earthquake resistant.

The space cabin homestay is welded with a steel structure frame, with an outer wall made of aluminum panels and an internal polyurethane insulation layer. The glass of the skylight and observation deck is made of double-layer hollow tempered glass, with good perspective lines and quiet design, which has a good sound insulation effect. At the same time, the visibility is good, and the scenery and lighting outside are unobstructed. The brief parking of the spacecraft homestay is seen as an extension of home life, making living in the spacecraft homestay more comfortable and reassuring.
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