Modular House Malaysia Oil Worker Camp Project Solution

2022-04-15 11:41

prefab workers campDream Maker New Generation containers worker camp container are 30% less carbon emissions , 100% recyclable eco-friendly and prefab workers camp also have advantagesof rapid production, practical installation, fully demounted advantage that enable assemble-disassemble repeatedly. With our sandwich panel system offersrates of up to 60% energy-saving in modular construction, our new generation structures offer solutions for construction working camps.

construction worker camp container

container workers camp


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We own the most modern production equipment in the modular house. Our self-developed products include container house, light steel villa, portable toilet, prefab house, prefab labor camp, steel structure warehouse/ workshop, etc. Dream Maker has an experienced team in installation. With professional installation techniques and responsible attitude ,as well as first-class after-sale services, Dream Maker gets a good reputation among customers around the world, such as Mauritius, Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Somalia, Morocco, Russia,United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Malaysia and Peru, etc..