Container House and Solar Lamp Project Solution

2022-11-01 13:55

When we buy a container house, we always have a question. After installing a container on the open ground, how can we power on when we need lights at night when there is no power around?

We can't find power for survival in the wild, we can install a solar lamp. In the daytime, we can store power through the amount of light from the sun. At night, we can discharge electricity for our use.

 Container house

How does solar power generate electricity?

1. First the solar lamp generally has a silicon photovoltaic panel.

2. Then in the daytime, these panels receive light energy and convert it into electricity.

3. It is stored through transformer and capacitor.

4. Then discharge when it is necessary. Generally, there is a photosensitive element that can automatically connect the capacitor and the lamp tube when you feel the darkness around.

installation of container solar lamp

Product case

solar lamp

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